Work Christmas Parties are Back and Better than Ever

Publish Date :01 Nov,2022 - 2:06 PM

Work Christmas parties are often the most highly anticipated event in a company’s calendar, with many businesses treating it as an opportunity to bring all their employees together under one roof, celebrate the achievements of the past year and let their hair down in true festive spirit.

Yet with all the challenges faced over the last few years it begs the question, are Christmas parties still happening this year?

The resounding answer is yes! Unlike the last couple of years, Christmas in 2022 is very much full steam ahead and plenty of businesses are making the most of being able to bring together all their employees – many of whom will have adopted the work-from-home model on a full or part-time basis – and mark the holiday season with a well-deserved, face-to-face celebration.

To help make your party planning simple, we’ve put together an insights and ideas guide that will take you through everything you need to know about creating a successful work Christmas party in London. From understanding the commercial benefits to hosting a festive event to exploring the best office Christmas party ideas in London, we’ve summed it all up for you in one easy-to-read article.

What are the benefits of a Christmas party?

The commercial advantages of hosting a work Christmas party for your team are many and varied. Here we’ve listed out some of the most compelling reasons why all businesses should consider planning an office Christmas party in 2022.

Encouraging greater collaboration

Workplace collaboration and teamwork initiatives can lift business sales by 27% and boost customer satisfaction ratings by almost 41%. With this in mind, it makes sense to find ways of improving collaboration between departments within your company, and a work Christmas party is one such way. Bringing together your employees from across all teams and allowing them to get to know one another on a more personal level will provide a solid foundation to help forge strong connections among colleagues. The fun, informal setting of a Christmas party lends itself well to this.

Boosting business efficiency

Business efficiency is heavily influenced by employee well-being and absence. In fact, it’s been estimated that employee absenteeism costs the UK economy £17 billion a year. Whilst this is a frightening figure, companies can reduce the economic risk by prioritizing their staff’s well-being. Office Christmas parties are a chance for employees to unwind and have fun with their fellow team members, helping them to shake off any stress or anxiety that, when accumulated over time, could potentially result in health issues. Happier, healthier staff = better business.

Enhancing employee productivity

All work and no play quickly leads to uninspired, unproductive employees. One study has shown that happier individuals are 12% more productive on average, so finding ways to increase your staff’s happiness is crucial. Christmas parties are ideal in this sense and can be made all the more effective when you include fun entertainment or activities that will make them feel truly valued by your company.

What makes a good Christmas party?

In order to maximise the benefits of a work Christmas party you’ll want to include as many of these elements as possible:

●     A team-building activity that brings individuals from different departments together, helping to build a more collaborative work culture.

●     Light-hearted, fun entertainment that encourages staff to let go of any work anxieties and, instead, let their hair down.

●     Something to make employees feel highly appreciated. This could mean hosting your party at an upmarket venue, including a staff award ceremony at the event, or perhaps providing special entertainment.

Things to remember

●     With the country experiencing rising costs, it’s more important than ever to allocate budgets wisely. This doesn’t necessarily mean your Christmas event has to be downsized or cast aside. Instead, by focusing first and foremost on what your business objectives are, you can put more budget behind those specific elements that will give you maximised results.

●     The best Christmas parties require a head start on planning, no matter how big or small your team is. Venues and suppliers are booked up quickly in the months leading up to this festive season, especially those based in and around the capital. So, if you want to ensure your office Christmas party in London is a roaring success, it’s time to start preparations now.

Where to go and what to do for a Christmas party

When choosing a venue and event package, you’ll need to consider several factors including what budget you have available, the number of attendees you’re expecting and what your business objectives are. To help give you some inspiration, here are just some of the many unique venue and event packages we offer, here at Unlocked.


Landing Forty-Two

Host your work Christmas party in the UK’s highest event space and wow your guests with unparalleled views across London’s cityscape. Landing Forty-Two

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is a truly extraordinary venue space that’s sure to take your festive celebrations to the next level.

Rose Court Events

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Whether your office Christmas party is small and intimate or big and bold, Rose Court Events have the perfect space for you. With show-stopping panoramic views of London, your staff are sure to have an unforgettable night at this venue.


Silhouette Cutting

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Looking for unusual, yet fascinating entertainment for your Christmas party in London? Silhouette cutting by a skillful artist will add a touch of wonder and delight to your event, as guests receive a personal silhouette made in their own image.

Magicman London               

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Inject some magic into your festive   celebrations with an enchanting performance by Magicman London. This is a brilliant way to create lasting memories for your staff, ones they’ll be talking about long into the new year.

Get in touch

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